Do you have an Instagram account? Do people follow and then unfollow you after some time? What could be the reasons behind this, today we will talk about them and know how to avoid it. Although it may happen due to many reasons that people unfollow you, we will tell you some reasons that you can overcome this problem.

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Why do people unfollow you on Instagram?


1.Posting Frequency

Posting frequency can be the main reason that people unfollow you. This means that either your posting frequency is too high or too low. Posting Frequency is related to how many posts we post. These numbers should not be too low nor much.

If you post more posts, your followers’ feed will be filled with your posts so that they will unfollow you. And if you put fewer posts, you will still unfollow you.


2.Poor Quality of Photos

As you may be aware that Instagram is known because of photos. So whatever people will follow you, the biggest reason will be that the quality of your photos is good. When you post on Instagram, you cannot post only text, you will have to post a photo or video. So you should keep the quality of photos good.

If your photo quality will be useless then people will unfollow you.


3.Follow to Unfollow

If you do not know what is unfollow then read this post further. Some people often follow you thinking that you will also follow back. Once you follow them back, they unfollow you no matter how good your content is.

These people just want to balance their followers and the following section.


4.Boring Content

If you want to increase followers, then you should post interesting content. If your content is boring then people will unfollow you. You should always upload posts that are informative. People should like your content so that they can engage more and more from your page.

You should upload such posts so that people get to learn something so that they stay connected with your Instagram page.

5.Post Off-Topic

You should only put posts on one niche. This means that suppose you have a beauty page, now your followers will keep the expectation of the posts related to beauty but if you put posts related to any niche other than beauty, then your audience will not like it and people Unfollow you.

Therefore it is better that you choose any one niche of your choice and only do posts related to it.

I hope that you liked this post. In this, you know what you should not do so that people do not unfollow you on Instagram. If you like this post, then share it as much as possible. And do not forget to comment on any problem related to this.

Thank you.

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