Do you also run Facebook ads and do your Facebook ads get disapprove? If your answer is yes and you want to solve this problem, then read this post till the end and know what can be the reason for Facebook ads disapproval and what can we do to solve them?

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What are Facebook Ads?

Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world. Facebook has 2.80 billion monthly active users. More than 96% of Facebook users run Facebook via mobile. If you want to read more stats like this, click here. If you want to grow your business through social media, Facebook can play an important role in it.

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There are two ways you can bring traffic to Facebook. One is organic traffic and the other is paid traffic.
Organic traffic is that which comes without promoting any post. In organic traffic, we bring traffic without spending money. This can be a long process, but if it works, then you do not need to pay for traffic.
On the other hand, paid traffic is that in which you bring traffic by spending money. It does not require much time to bring traffic.
In paid traffic, we bring traffic by running Facebook ads. The better you create an ad and the more money you spend, the more traffic you will get.
You can run many types of ads such as traffic campaigns, custom conversions, engagement campaigns, brand awareness, reach the campaign, video views, etc. If you want to know how many types of Facebook ads are there, click here.
When you create Facebook ads, you have to take care of some things that can prevent your ad from getting disapprove. You may wonder why Facebook ads get disapproved?
First, we talk about what are those things that can cause your Facebook ads to disapprove-

Facebook ads disapproved reasons

If your Facebook ads rejected or keep getting rejected, then there may be some reasons which are given below-

1. Promoting restricted items

Facebook has banned some things to promote through ads. Among them, the main ones are – Alcohol, dating, online gambling and gaming, ads about social issues, elections or politics, cryptocurrency products, and services, etc.
If you try to promote any of these things through Facebook ads, then your ads will not be allowed to approve.

prohibited and restricted items meaning in facebook advertising policy

2. Promoting prohibited content

There are some prohibited contents that you cannot promote through a Facebook ad. Among them, the main ones are – Illegal products or services, Tobacco and related products, Drugs and drug-related products, Weapons, ammunition or explosives, Adult content, Multi-level marketing, Sale of body parts, etc.
If you try to promote any of these things through Facebook ads, then your ads will not be allowed to approve.

3. Personal attributes

You did not put any prohibited or restricted content but still, your ads are getting rejected and you are unable to understand why this is so, once you look at the ad copy of your ads.
Facebook wants you to run Facebook ads but does not want you to tell your audience that you have run ads for them.
Do not understand? Look at the pick below-

personal attributes meaning in facebook advertising policy

4. Landing page

Sometimes your ads can also be disapproved due to the landing page. If the information given in your ad and the information given in the landing page given by you does not match, then your Facebook ads can be disapproved.
Along with this, the quality of your landing page and the information given in it should be useful.

5. Financial information

You cannot ask for one’s bank account number, credit or debit card number, someone’s income, how much loan someone has, net worth, etc. through ads.

6. Video ads

Nowadays, many Facebook advertisers use videos in their Facebook ads. Due to the video, you can grow your brand very quickly because there is more engagement on a video than an image.
But if you are using video in your Facebook ads, then you have to take care of some things so that your ads are not disapproved.
You should not show the use of drugs or alcohol in your video.
There should not be any adult content in your video.
Along with this, there should be no use of any wrong language in your video, such as the use of any abusive language.
There should also not be any kind of violence in your video.
If you are using any of these things in your video, then your ad will be disapproved.

7. Targeting

If you are using your Facebook ads to target someone, then your Facebook ads will be disapproved.
By targeting, it means that you are running an ad to harass someone or you are running an ad to provoke someone or you are running an ad to demean someone, etc.

So these were some of the main reasons due to which your Facebook ads may disapprove. Apart from these, there are many more Facebook advertising policies which you can read here.

What to do if your Facebook ad was disapproved

Okay, so your Facebook ad disapprove. Now you must be thinking about how to find out why the Facebook ad not approved and how to fix it so that it becomes approved. So Facebook has also given some steps for this, by which you can approve your ad.
If your Facebook ad has been disapproved, you can edit your Facebook ad and submit it again. But before editing, you should check your email inbox because whatever reason facebook disapproved your ad, it must have sent it to you through email.
Knowing that reason, edit your ad and resubmit it.

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So in this post, we learned about some reasons that may cause your Facebook ad to disapprove. If you create your Facebook ad keeping all these reasons in mind, then your Facebook ad will not disapprove. Apart from this, we talked about some steps, by which you can submit your ad again.
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