In this post, we will learn about Social Media Marketing. Read this post till the end so that you will get to know all about Social Media Marketing.

So let’s know about Social Media Marketing-

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Social Media Marketing Meaning

In today’s time, more than half of the world’s population uses social media. Social media has become an integral part of our life. A lot of our time is spent running social media. If we make this social media a weapon to promote our business, then think how much benefit we can get from this.

For example, suppose you have a shoe business but you are selling it only at your offline store/shop, then you will have limited customers, but if you market your shoes on social media, you can have unlimited customers. Due to this your profit will increase as well as goodwill will also increase.

So in simple words, when you market your product through social media, then it is called social media marketing.

Top 7 Social Media Sites


You have learned what social media marketing meaning is, but now it is the turn to know that on which social media sites you will market your product.

Here we will tell about some such social media sites where you can get maximum profit by promoting your product. So let’s know about the best social media sites without any delay-


Facebook is the best site for social media marketing. Here you can also create a Facebook page for your product. With this, you can promote your post or website thereby joining related groups from your niche or you can also create your own Facebook group and there your post/website Can promote As of June 2020, 2.70 billion users all over the world are active on Facebook every month.

Overall, if you want to promote any of your products, Facebook is a very good platform.


Instagram is a very popular site in today’s time and its popularity is increasing day by day. Instagram has become very famous for marketing now. You can promote your products etc. by creating your Instagram page. Also, you can increase the reach of your Instagram post by using hashtags related to your products. According to a report, at the beginning of 2020, the monthly active users of Instagram were 1 billion + while the daily active users were 500 million+

Instagram Marketing


Twitter is also a popular site like Facebook where you can promote your products/posts etc. well. There is also a retweet option, which means that if one of your followers retweet your Twitter post, then that Twitter post will be seen by his followers (who retweeted).

Twitter Marketing

Apart from this, you can also see Twitter what is trending in your country. You can use hashtags like Instagram here, which will help increase the reach of your Twitter post. If we talk about every month, then more than 330 million people remain active on Twitter every month.


If you are a social media user then you must have heard the name of YouTube. This is a video sharing site. Today, many people have become very famous through YouTube. You can watch videos from news to funny and education etc. on YouTube. It is absolutely free. If you talk about India, the net has become so cheap since Jio came into the market that now everyone has started using YouTube.

youtube marketing

You can do free marketing by putting videos related to your products here. According to a report, YouTube’s monthly active users are more than 2 billion.


It is fast becoming a very popular social media platform that is designed for sharing images. You can upload marketing related images from your products or blog post here. On this platform, females are more active, so if your product is related to makeup or kitchen, then Pinterest is a very good social media marketing medium for you.

pinterest marketing

According to a report, the number of monthly active users of Pinterest is now more than 416 million.


This is a professional social media site that is different from the rest of the social media platforms. It also helps in building your career. Here you will also find such people who are employees or businessmen in a company. You can also talk to these people regarding your career. With this, if you want to promote your product, you can do that here too.

linkedin marketing

LinkedIn has over 610 million users so far.


WhatsApp is used by almost everyone. These messaging features are very good compared to any other social app, and also you can join your product-related groups and marketing your product in those groups. You will find many groups related to your niche on google. In the beginning, it was the only messaging app. Gradually people started using it for their business too. WhatsApp has also started its own business app called WhatsApp Business.

Whatsapp marketing

According to the figures, WhatsApp has more than 2 billion users in the world at this time.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

1. Talking about the benefits of social media marketing, the first benefit of this is that you do not have to pay any money to create or post an account on social media and you can run ads on these social media which compared to running ads on any other platform is cheap.

2. With the help of social media, you can market your product to an unlimited audience, while if you do not use social media, then the reach of your product will be limited to a limited audience.

3. Through social media marketing, you can earn profit by bringing maximum traffic to your website and can also improve the ranking of your site.

4. When you create a page for your product, it also becomes a way to communicate directly with you and your customer along with page promotion, so that you get to know your customers’ suggestions, opinions, problems, etc. and you will find loyal customers.

5. In social media, there is an option of insights, with the help of which you can know how many people reached your post and which post was liked more and you then according to that more reach or more liked post can create content.

6. If you want to do paid social media marketing, then you do not need to spend 5-10 thousand for ads, but your ad can run for up to 500 rupees.

Tips for Social Media Marketing

1. Define your goals-

If you want to do social media marketing, then first you have to set your goals. You also have to see why you are using any social media. Apart from this, you have to see what posts to put on which social media.

2.Be Consistent-

When you start posting posts on any of your social media platforms, then make sure that you remain consistent, ie keep posting continuously because some social platforms prevent access to your posts if you do not post posts continuously on that social media platform. That is why you continue to upload posts on any social platform that you use.

3.Consider latest trends-

This is the most useful tip of today’s time if you have to do social media marketing in Hindi properly. You have to take care of the latest trends and if you write your posts keeping in mind the latest trends then your chances of reaching more and more people increase manifold.

4.Social media groups-

It can also be useful for social media marketing. Some social media platforms like- Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. Let’s create groups where you can add more members and marketing your products/posts in that group.

5.Use hashtags-

On some social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. you can increase your reach by using hashtags related to your products or posts. The thing to keep in mind is that use hashtags that are related to your products.

6.Use more video contents-

Today’s time internet has become so cheap that now everyone can easily watch videos. The use of YouTube is increasing. You can also upload IGTV videos on Instagram. Facebook etc. also provides the facility to upload videos. People are now interested in watching more videos than they read. So you can easily market your product through videos.

7.Use good tools-

You can also do social media marketing by using some tools. If you want to know about some good and useful tools, then keep reading this post.

Social Media Marketing Tools

Let us read about some useful social media tools with which you can get success in social media marketing.


If you are a blogger then you will also need images to write your blog post but you cannot save the image from google and put it in your blog because it is against the guidelines of Google. Here you can use Unsplash, from where you will be able to download images for free.


If you like video marketing platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. If you run, then you will know that there are more chances of watching a video than a photo or text. But making videos is also an art in itself. You can create the best videos by using the Animoto tool.


Canva is a tool with which you can create very good images yourself. I personally create images with Canva in my blog posts. In this, you get different types of templates and text. Also, you can also decide in which social media you have to prepare an image, so it makes good images according to the same social media platform.

4.Post Planner

It suggests better contents ideas according to your audience. It also helps in finding the best content. It also prepares a calendar to publish your posts and also manages your posts.


If you use social media, then you will know what memes are. Now the circulation of memes has increased a lot. Everyone likes memes, so why not use memes on your social media platform? You can create memes in imgflip and can tell your point in a funny way.


If you market your post on many social media platforms, then you will have to go to every social media platform and put a link to your post, but with the help of Hootsuite, you can put a post on all social media sites with a single click. Hootsuite is a great tool to do social media marketing.

So these were some tools with which you can do social media marketing well.

In this post, you read what is social media marketing, what are the top social media marketing sites, what are the benefits of social media marketing, tips for social media marketing, and some of the best tools of social media marketing. If you have liked the post, then share it as much as possible and for any problem related to this post, do let us know by commenting.


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