What is Off-Page SEO and why it is done, what are the benefits of doing it, and how is it different from On-Page SEO in this post today?

First, we read what SEO is, and in that, we read about its 2 types, in short, then after that, we learned what On-Page SEO is and how to do it in which we learned about on-page SEO well then now turn Is Off-Page SEOs.

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What is Off-Page SEO?


Off-Page SEO means working outside your site. Such as creating backlinks, promoting your site through social media, etc. There are many techniques of this which we will study further. Off-page SEO only works well when your on-page SEO is good and off-page SEO is done only after on-page SEO. When you promote your post or site outside in some way, it is called off-page SEO. This is very important to promote our website. Through this, we can rank our post/website in the search engine.

Some techniques through which we make our post worthy so that it can rank in the search engine is called Off-Page SEO. Friends Off-Page SEO has some techniques that we have to do. Only through these techniques does our post rank.

So let’s know about some techniques of off-page SEO-


Off-page SEO Techniques


Like On-Page SEO, Off-page SEO also has some techniques which help a lot in ranking our posts. So let’s see about some techniques of Off-page SEO-

Techniques of off page SEO

1.Guest Post

Guest Post means when you go to another blog like yourself and do a guest post. Some websites provide guest posting. It also gives you do follow backlink.

If I explain in simple words, then suppose you write a post for the owner of another site just like you write a post in your blog and send that post to the owner of that site.

Now it will be that if your post is liked by the owner of that site, then he will post that post on his blog and finally will introduce your site link and you, which will increase the traffic of your site and will start to rank your post. Because google spiders crawl this guest post.

2.Directory Submission

Directory Submission also has many benefits. This helps a lot in ranking your post. You can submit your post by visiting many websites from where you get a very high do-follow backlink, which causes your post to rank very quickly.

Just like your phone has a contact list to save numbers, similarly, the search engine has a directory list to submit your site.

If you want to see websites in which you can submit your website, then click on this link- Digital Rain 

3.Social Networking Sites

Today’s era is of social media. Now more than half of the world’s population uses social media so that you can guess that if you are not promoting/sharing your content on social media, you are missing a lot.

social networking sites

You can put a link to your blog or post on social media or you can share your content on your website by creating a social media page and when you do this, then slowly traffic starts coming through social media to your site. Which helps a lot in ranking your post. So you must share your content on social media.

4.Broken Link Building

Broken Link Building is also an effective way of off-page SEO to promote a blog. Basically broken link means that suppose you are reading a post on a website and there is a link in that post that takes us to another post but if that link does not work i.e. do not take us to another post If that link is useless, then it is called a broken link.

In this situation, you can do that by writing a post on the same topic you could send a link to the owner of that site, which he will replace with that broken link and your link will replace that broken link. And this will increase traffic to your site. This will benefit the owner of that site as well as you.

5.Answer Questions

There are some sites where you can ask questions or answer questions. Such as Quora, Yahoo Answers, Reddit, Fluther, etc. You can also put a link to your site/post while giving answers on these sites, from where your website gets traffic, and can rank your post.

6.Social Community Group

If you use social media sites like Facebook or google plus, then you must have seen many groups on these sites, then you can promote your site thereby joining related groups from your niche or you can also create your own group by site or post. Can promote

7.Link Baiting

This is also a very good technique of off-page SEO. This means that you write your post so well that if the owner of the other site reads your post and needs an external link, then he will not be able to live without linking your post.

Another way of this can also be that you give a link to another site in your post and then the owner of that site will also give a link to your post or site in your post.

8.Commenting on other’s post

This is also a good technique of Off-Page SEO. It is in this that you can comment on their posts by visiting websites related to your niche and can give a link to your site or post, although many site owners keep linking off comments in their posts, you still have some websites You will find such a place where you can comment the link.

9.Photo sharing and Video Marketing

You can put a link to your post by putting photos on photo-sharing sites (eg Pinterest, Instagram).

photos and videos sharing sites 

Similarly, you can promote your site on video sharing sites (like YouTube, Daily Motion) by putting related videos from your post and putting the post URL.


OFF Page SEO Tools


I will tell you about some such Off Page Tools with the help of which you can easily do Off-Page SEO. So let’s know about some off-page SEO tools-

1.AhrefsAlthough many alternatives to Ahrefs are present on the internet, still most people use Ahrefs. Ahrefs analyzes your site’s data. It tracks site audit, the site explores, keywords explore, content explores, and rank. Although it is paid but with the help of this, you can do off-page SEO very easily. Link- Ahrefs

2.Majestic SEOThis is a completely free tool with a full focus on backlinks. This is the best backlink checker. This gives you trust flow, external backlinks, referring domains, crawled URLs, indexed URLs, etc. Can know Link- Majestic SEO

3.Check My LinksThis is a chrome extension with the help of which you can know about the broken backlink of a post. We have told you about the broken backlink above in this post. You can use this extension in your chrome browser to find those broken backlinks, which helps you in off-page SEO. Link– Check My Links

4.SEMrush We need a lot of information for SEO for which we use different tools, but SEMrush is a tool through which you get a lot of information in one place and you do not have to go to different tools. Link- SEMrush



In this, we have much information like-

  • Finding and resolving an issue with the website.
  • Improve Website SEO
  • Tracking social media.
  • Ease the search engine’s spider to crawl.
  • Show website performance etc.

5.SEOquakeThis is a free browser extension(Link- SEOquake) through which you can know –

  • View external and internal links.
  • Export all the data in one file.
  • Compare domains and URLs.
  • Perform website audits.
  • Determine keyword density etc.

Difference between On Page and Off Page SEO

On-Page SEO


  • This is done at the time of writing the post.
  • We do this only on our post i.e. on our website.
  • It includes title tags, permalink, meta description, internal link, heading tags, etc.
  • Keywords should be used properly.
  • Heading tags should come to good use.
  • Permalink and meta description should come to good use.
  • The image should be optimized.
  • Internal linking should be done.

Off-Page SEO


  • We do this after writing the post.
  • This is done on the post of others or on the website because it has to promote the post in a way.
  • It includes guest posts, directory submissions, blog commenting, broken link building, link baiting, etc.
  • Social media pages should be created to promote your website.
  • Guest posting should be done.
  • Broken links should be found by looking for them.


So in this post, you learned what is Off-Page SEO, what are the techniques of Off-Page SEO and what is the difference between On-Page and Off-Page SEO.

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