Digital Marketing is moving very fast these days. You must have noticed that now big companies prefer to give online ads instead of giving ads in newspapers or magazines because now newspapers or books are read or not, but mobile Everyone has it and after the arrival of Jio, the Internet is also available to everyone.

In the past, you had to stand up in the market to shout something, although it still happens. Then people started distributing pamphlets, and after that, the product marketing started where newspaper, radio, television, etc. were found.

Now is the time for digital ie Internet – social media marketing, search engine marketing, search engine optimization, email marketing, YouTube marketing, content marketing, etc.

All these different types of marketing in which the internet is used are called digital marketing.

Now people are spending more time on mobile than TV, so it is becoming a good marketing option.

The most important thing about digital marketing is that in this you can show ads to those people who would really like to see Suko, whereas this feature is not available on TV radio etc.

Digital marketing is also cheaper than all other options and in this, you can add ads according to the budget.

In today’s time, the demand for digital marketing experts is increasing and it is a very good option for a career.

Types of Digital Marketing

So now you must have known what digital marketing is, so let’s now know about some of its types.

There are many types of digital marketing such as-

1. Content MarketingLet us understand content marketing with an example. Suppose you have a company and you want to sell a product to people, then you will give good information about that product, make good content and make it available to people through social media or website. There are many types of content like image, audio, video, text etc.

content marketing kya hai

What facilities are there in the product, it is known only by the content. After reading this information, people decide whether they have to take your product or not.

And when you market this content, it is called content marketing.

2. Search Engine Optimization(SEO) –SEO is very important in the Internet world. Only writing and publishing a post is of no use if that post does not reach the people.

SEO Image

When you write a post, you also want that the post reaches as many people as possible, SEO is a technique with the help of which you can make your website before Google or other search engines (eg-yahoo, bing, etc.). Can rank on the page which brings organic traffic to your website.

3. E-mail Marketing –Email marketing means promoting your product through email.

Email marketing kya hai

Email marketing is an old method of promotion of products but it is still useful today. You can reach a product to many people at once. Let me tell you about email marketing easily through an example. Suppose you are a blogger and you have collected many emails, then whenever you write a new post and send that post to all emails, then there is a possibility of a lot of traffic on your blogs.

4. Social Media Marketing(SMM) – As you may be guessing from its name, the marketing that we do with the help of social media is called social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing kya hai

You will all know social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, linked in, Snapchat, Youtube, etc. So when you promote your product or your blog post through these social media, then it is called social media marketing. Nowadays social media is dominated, everyone uses social media, so they posted their product or blog on social media. Marketing has become very easy.

Apart from these, there are many types of digital marketing like affiliate marketing, mobile marketing, etc. But we will know them in the next post.

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