If you are a blogger, you must have heard the name of the bounce rate. Today we will know what is the bounce rate and why it is necessary to stay low and what can we do to reduce it. So let’s know about it-

What is the bounce rate?

The bounce rate in a website or blog shows how many visitors who are visiting it are spending so much time on that blog or website and on which pages they have visited. The bounce rate is visible to us in percentage. In other words, the bounce rate shows the percentage of people who visit your site and visit only one page at a time.

Now you can think yourself that the lower the bounce rate of our website, the better it will be because everyone wants that visitors to his website to read more and more posts. If someone comes to your site and will read more and more posts, then the bounce rate of your site will be less.

So this is a matter of bounce rate meaning, now we know how we can reduce it-

Best ways to Reduce Bounce Rate

After knowing the bounce rate, you know that the lower it is, the better it will be. So now we will know what we should do to reduce it. So let’s know-

1.Improve the readability of the content

First of all, your content should be such that people can easily understand it. People can easily read your post. If the readability of your post will not be good then people will not spend much time on your website and your site’s bounce rate will increase.

2.Open external links in a new tab

Maybe you do not think, but if the external links of your website are not opening in the new tab but are opening in the existing tab itself, then this can be a reason for increasing the bounce rate of your site. Whenever you insert external links in your site, then make them open with a new tab so that the tab with your post will also be open. Because the external link is open in the existing tab itself, then the visitor may not come back to your site and the bounce rate of your site will increase.

3.Loading Speed

No matter how good content you write, but if the loading speed of your site is slow then who would want to visit your site? With this, good people will prefer to visit another website (whose loading speed is fast). This also increases the bounce rate because someone will come to your website and after seeing the slow loading speed of your site and leave that site, it will increase the bounce rate of your site.


You should always use at least ads on your website. Because you will use more ads, the reader will have a lot of difficulty in reading your post and he will soon leave your site. And if he leaves your site soon then it will increase the bounce rate of your site. If your site is new, then at least use ads because people trust the new site anyway.

5.Download Timer

If you provide some content on your site that needs to be downloaded or visitors who download it, then you must install a timer for it. This will mean that the visitor will have to stay on your site for the length of time you have applied the timer. If you do not know how to apply a timer, you can take the help of youtube for this.

6.Internal Links

When you write any post, always give internal links to it. Internal links mean to give links to your other posts in one of your posts. This will mean that when a visitor is reading your post, then he can also read them by looking at the internal links so that he will spend more and more time on your site and will also read more than one post.

7.Post Title

You should keep the title of your post so that by reading it, you will understand what will be the content in this post. If your title does not match your post, then the reader will go from your site without reading the post because he will not get the content that he would have thought after reading the post title.

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So I hope that you now know what the bounce rate is and how to reduce it. If you liked this post, share it as much as possible and do comment for any problem related to this post.

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