If you like social media- Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. If you run, you must have seen it (#). This little symbol can be of great use to us. Today we will talk about this. This is called Hash and when we create a word or sentence using it, it is called the hashtag. Let us know in detail what is hashtag and what are its benefits. Friends one more thing, we will only talk about hashtags keeping Instagram in mind. So let’s know about it-

What is a Hashtag?

When using the Hash (#) symbol, when a word, sentence, etc. When it is created, it is called a hashtag. For example, suppose I have to use my website as a hashtag, then if I write Hi Digital it will look like a normal word but if I write it like this #Hi_Digital or #Hidigital then it becomes a hashtag. Now if I put this hashtag with my post on Instagram, then by searching this hashtag, anyone will reach my post.

Let us see another example- Suppose you have a page on Instagram related to digital marketing and you use #digital_marketing or #digitalmarketing in every post. Now if someone searches both these hashtags on Instagram, then he will also show your post because you have used both these hashtags in your post.

Now I try to explain it to you through images-

hashtag in instagram

In this image, you can see that I have searched #digitalmarketing and it started showing related results. Now I click on the first hashtag result.

digital marketing hashtag

You can see that by searching this hashtag, we started posting posts. Now I will show you the hashtag used in two of these posts.

example of hashtag on instagram

As you can see by zooming that both these pages have used the hashtag of digital marketing in their post, then their post can be reached using #digitalmarketing.

So hopefully you will now know what is hashtag and how to use it. Now we talk about the benefits of hashtags. So let’s know-

Benefits of The Hashtag

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1.Ability to Find and Link

If you have created a new Instagram page, the hashtag can make you grow very quickly. By using it, you can reach more and more followers on your posts. But for that, it is important that you use only hashtags related to your niche. Anyone can reach you by searching the hashtags you have used|

2.Ability to Connect with Others

Using this, you too can reach another page and stay connected to them. Suppose you have an Instagram page related to beauty and if you search for a beauty hashtag like #makeup, you can find more pages like yours and connect to them. You can collab with them and grow your page. Or you can grow your page by giving each other a shoutout.

3.Gain followers

One of the biggest benefits of this is that you can increase your page followers because the better your hashtags are, the more people will reach your page and your page followers will also increase. And by being more followers, people also gain trust in your brand.

4.Find content

We should always create posts on trending topics. And if you do not have any content or you do not understand on which topic you should create a post, then you can see the content for yourself by searching related hashtags from your niche on Instagram.


You can make a hashtag of your brand name. As you can take our example – the name of our page is Hi Digital (username- hi_digitalll). We use it in every post. You will mostly see our posts on this hashtag, so when you use this hashtag while communicating with a person, then he can stay connected with you by connecting with this hashtag. (There is also an option to follow hashtags on Instagram.)


So in this post, we learned what hashtags are and what benefits we can take by using them.

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Thank you.

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