Have you tried many tools to schedule your Instagram posts? You must also use many Instagram scheduling apps. But it didn’t work? Today I will tell you a tool with the help of which you can schedule unlimited Instagram posts, that too for free. This tool works on both mobile and desktop. If you want to know about that tool, then read this post till the last. So let’s know-

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Schedule Instagram posts

1. First of all, click on this link – Facebook Creator Studio

Facebook creator studio

2. Now click on Facebook login.

facebook login

3. After login, you will see something like this.

facebook creator studio

As you can see, there are two types of icons visible above, one of Facebook and the other of Instagram. If you want, you can also schedule Facebook posts, but we will tell you to schedule only Instagram posts in this post. So now we click on the Instagram icon.

4. After clicking on the Instagram icon, you will see something like this.

schedule instagram posts

5. Now we will click on “Create Post”.

create post

As you can see, after clicking on “create post”, there are two options in front of us, one is Instagram feed and one is IGTV. You can also schedule IGTV videos, but we will take the example of the Instagram feed in this post. So now we will click on the Instagram feed.

6. After clicking on the Instagram feed, you will see something like this.

Now, look at the picture above. First is “write your caption” – here you have to write the caption of the photo to be posted and if you have to use hashtags, you will have to do it in this section.

Second is “add location” – If you want to add a location with a photo to be posted, it will be done in this section.

And the last is “add content” – You insert the photo to be posted here. It can be one or more.

7. Now the last step is scheduling. To schedule, click on the arrow given on the side of “publish”. After this, click on the schedule. After this, set the date and time at which you want to see your post is published.

Now click on the schedule and your post schedule is done. Isn’t it so easy?


So in this post, we learned how we can schedule unlimited Instagram posts for free. Along with this, there are other things that you can do through Creator Studio such as tagging a person in a scheduled post, publish the post on the Instagram page as well as the Facebook page, turning on or off of post comment, etc.
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