Ever since the internet has become cheaper, there has been no or no growth of anyone else, but YouTube has grown a lot. Now every other person wants to be a YouTuber. And no matter how much YouTube can give us something that may not provide a normal job. With the help of YouTube, you can earn a lot of fame and earning money, then you can see the lifestyle of many Youtubers, who were there before and where are they now?

Everyone dreams of becoming a YouTuber and everyone feels that becoming a YouTuber is quite easy but in reality, it is not. Becoming a YouTuber is as difficult as doing a job or doing business.

Running a YouTube channel is not just about everyone. Because everyone creates his channel but when he does not see the growth of his channel, he leaves YouTube.

If you also have a YouTube channel and your channel is not growing, then read this post till the last. In this post, we will learn how you can promote your YouTube channel for free. You read absolutely free ie without spending money.

So let’s know-

How To Promote YouTube Channel For Free

1. Social Media –

Friends, in today’s time social media has become an integral part of everyone’s life. Today many social media are popular like- Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. And do you know how many people use these social media sites? More than 2 billion people are active on Facebook alone. Read social media stats here

The more you share your video on social media, the sooner your channel will grow. You make more and more friends on Facebook and join Facebook groups and share the link of videos there.

You should also create your Twitter account and because hashtags on Twitter matter a lot, then do not forget to use relevant hashtags while sharing YouTube links on Twitter.

You can also share YouTube links on Instagram and WhatsApp.

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2. Email Marketing –

Growing YouTube through email marketing is a very underrated way. Whoever uses the smartphone has his email id created. And you can create a list by collecting as many email id as possible. Its advantage will be that whenever you upload a video on your channel, you will be able to send a link to that video to many people through email.

You have to prepare and send your mail in a slightly creative way. So that whoever sees your email must click on the link of your video.

3. Blog –

If you are a blogger, that is, you have a website, then you can also promote your YouTube channel through it. This is a great way.

Make a post on the same topic on which you are making the video and in that post give a link to your YouTube channel. If viewers will increase on your post, then more and more people will also visit your YouTube channel.

4. Collaborate –

This is the way of today and that too very well. This means collaborating with another YouTuber. But this does not mean that you can collaborate with any YouTuber.

Those who are big YouTubers do not need any collaboration anyway. So you have to contact YouTubers with subscribers like you and collaborate with them.

Here it is to be noted that the topic or niche on which you make your videos collaborate with YouTubers who make videos on the same topic. So that their audience can relate to your content.

5. Run A Contest / Giveaway –

You can also create a contest in which maximum people can speak to participate. This will enable more and more people to join your channel and your channel will start growing.

Apart from this, you can also keep any giveaway. For example, you can give away a phone and place some conditions in return, like the one who will subscribe to the most people on my channel will be the winner of this giveaway.

With this, people will reach your channel to maximum people and your channel will get free promotion.

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So these were some ideas with the help of which you can promote your YouTube channel for free. And just promoting the channel will not do anything. Your video quality should be good. Also, you should pay attention to YouTube SEOTitle, description, tags, thumbnail, end screen, etc. of your video But if you pay attention, your channel will start to grow organically and you will not need to promote.

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