In the previous post, you learned what SEO is and why it is important and how it is done. So in that post, we told you about two types of SEO which were On-page SEO and Off-page SEO. We will know about off-page SEO in the next post, but today we will talk about on-page SEO, what it is, why it is necessary and what are its benefits. So let’s know about On-Page SEO –

What is On-Page SEO?

When we write our blog post, we want our post to rank on the search engine as soon as possible but how it will happen, how any search engine will know what our post is about, how it will rank our post in the ranking list And how traffic will come to our site. So while writing our blog post, we adopt some methods so that our post can easily rank on the search engine and maximum traffic will come to our website.

on page seo क्या है

Suppose you have a business on which to create a sale, you have created a website and you have written many blog posts as well, but until your site will rank on the search engine and no person will come to your website, then your There will be no sale and there will be no meaning to make your website, you will remain where you were.

So first of all it is important that you create your post in such a way that you should adopt some such methods in order to rank it. So applying these methods is called on-page SEO.

How do On-Page SEO

To do On-Page SEO, you have to take care of some tips and tricks. For this, you need to optimize your post Title, Permalink, Meta Tags, Heading Tags, Keyword Density, Image Optimization, Website Speed, Internal Link, etc. So let’s know a little more about all this –

Title Tag

Writing a good title is very good art because whenever a person comes to your website, he first sees the title and if your title is not good then he will not read your post. So it is very important that you write your title in such a way that after reading it, everyone can click on it and read your post.

Your title must be between 55-60 characters. If your title goes above 60 characters, the search engine will only show up to 60 characters on the SERP, which will look very bad. Along with this, you will also have to make sure that the keyword you are writing after keeping your post in mind is in your title.


Permalink has an important contribution in ranking your post on the search engines. This is the web address of your post which never changes. When search engine spiders crawl your post, they try to understand what your post is about by looking at the permalink. By default permalink of WordPress is something like this –


This permalink is not good because you do not know anything about the post. Now you see this permalink which Ace Digitech has put in his post –

permalink example

For a good permalink, it is very important that you use the keyword in it so that it can rank in the search engine quickly.

Meta Description

The meta description should be such that after reading, the reader will know what your post is about and what that reader is going to read. To write a good meta description, it is very important that you add keywords to it. A good meta description should be up to 155 characters, it will work even if it is less, but should not be more than this, because only the search engine limited meta description shows it.

A good meta description should reveal what your post is about, that is, you can see in the image below an example of a good meta description that SEO Mechanic has used in his post.

meta description kya hai

Internal Link

The internal link means when you link an old post to a new post, it is called an internal link. You can understand this from the example of our post below –

internal linking example image

Seeing the image above, you can understand that in a new post, we had given links to two old posts, by clicking on which you can go to those old posts.

An internal link has many advantages such as the views of your old posts also increase, the bounce rate of your website also decreases and the search engine is easy to crawl your site. Overall, you must use the internal link in every post.

Heading Tags

Heading tags are also included in on-page SEO. We should use our heading tags well. If your post is very long and you will not use the headings in it, then it will be very difficult to read that post and that post will not feel good to read, so we should keep using the headings as per the need in our post.

We should use the H1 heading only once in the post whereas the H2 heading can be used three to four times. The H1 heading is the title or main heading of your post while H2 and H3 headings are called subheadings and sub subheadings.

Image Optimization

If you publish your post without putting an image, then there can be a lot of difficulty in ranking it. We must put images in our post because images not only help in explaining your post, but they also play a big role to rank on the search engine. But we have to keep in mind here that nothing will happen only by putting an image, but we should also come to optimize our images.

There are some techniques of image optimization such as giving SEO friendly name to your image. Like when you save an image, it is saved by any other name by default, which has no relation to our post, then we should rename it and name it according to our post.

Apart from this, we should also take care of the size of the images because if the size of the images inserted in our post will be large then the loading speed of our website will be slowed, which increases the bounce rate of our website which is not good at all.

Apart from this, a big factor that is very important for image optimization is alt text. Yes, Google spiders are able to crawl our image with the help of the alt text of our image. So it is very important that you write alt text before putting your image in post.

Loading Speed

The loading speed of your website also comes under on-page SEO. If the speed of opening of our site will be very slow, then the reader will leave without seeing your site. A website should be open in 2-4 seconds.

Apart from this, you should also keep in mind that you use at least plugins and use only by compressing your images, because if the size of the images is more, then your site will take more time to open.

Keywords Density

When you write a post, it has the main keyword, keeping in mind that post. And we should come to use that keyword repeatedly. Your keyword density should be 2% per 100 words.

Words Count

The larger our post, the easier it will be to rank. That is why one should always try to write his post in as many words as the smaller post is very difficult to get in the ranking list. You must write every post above 1000 words so that its chances to rank on the search engine is maximum.

External Link

Just like you add some old posts to your internal link, just like when you give a link of another person’s site or post to your post, it is called an external link. We should use external links more and more as search engines rank such posts quickly which use the external links in their posts. It is also called backlink of other sites but for this, you should see DA (Domain Authority) and PA (Page Authority) of another site.

Social Share Buttons

When a reader reads our post and if he likes that post, then he would like to share it for which we should use social share buttons for which we get many plugins for free.

You can see the example of social share buttons in the image below-

social share buttons image

Yoast SEO

It is very difficult to write a post keeping in mind all the on-page SEO techniques we have given you, so you will get a plugin in WordPress called Yoast SEO.

yoast seo

As soon as you install and activate Yoast SEO, then it will show the analysis page of each of your posts.

yoast seo analysis page

This helps a lot on your on-page SEO, so definitely install this plugin and try that when you are going to publish the post, then SEO analysis of Yoast SEO is showing good or green color.


So in this post, we learned about on-page SEO. If you like this post, then share it as much as possible, and do not forget to comment on any problem related to this post.


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