If you are a YouTuber, then you must know that to monetize your channel, you should now have 1000 subscribers as well as 4000 hours of watch time. And all this should be done within 1 year.

In this post, we will talk about how to increase watch time to monetize your youtube channel. How do we complete the watch time of 4000 hours? So let’s know-

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Ways to Increase Watch Time on YouTube

1.Do Something Unique

To fulfill our watch time, it is very important that we do something like this / make such videos which are not done by people till now. Which is different. The rest of your content is different. You should make a video on a topic that people search on youtube, but the competition on that topic is very low or not at all. So that your video search result shows up. This will enable more and more people to watch your videos and will help you to complete your 4000 hours watch time.

2.Make Videos that are Currently Trending

If you make a video on a trending topic, then it is likely to get more views. Because people search on google or youtube to get information about trending topics. And if your video will be informative, then there are more chances of it showing in the search result of google. This will increase your watch time.

3.Make Catchy Thumbnail

The only thing a person sees before watching any youtube video is the thumbnail of that video. It is known from the thumbnail of a video that what will happen inside it. If you create a thumbnail showing wrong information, no one will watch that video for a long time. You will neither get watch time nor will anyone trust your channel. So always try to write only those points in your video thumbnail or show what you have covered in that video.

4.Share Videos on Social Media

In today’s time, everyone uses social media. But many people use social media only for time pass. But you can use social media to grow your youtube channel. You can make a page of your youtube channel on social media and share links to your youtube videos there so that you will get free watch time and your youtube channel will also grow. The social media sites that you can do are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp.

5.Make Videos on One Niche

The most important thing that you should keep in mind while making youtube videos is one niche. You should focus on one niche. You should not put mixed content that comedy video was also put and then motivational video. Would you expect a comedy video channel to make gaming videos? If you create videos of mixed content, people will get confused about your channel. If you put only gaming videos, then only those people who have an interest in gaming will watch your videos.

6.Use Tags

If you are a YouTuber then you must know about tags. In the tags section, we include keywords that people can search. Tags do not mean that you input anything tags. This means that only the tags related to what your video is about. Suppose your video is about “earn money online”, then your tags can be something like this- earn money, earn money online, how to earn money online, etc. Not that-how to play games, comedy videos, cricket videos, etc.

So now you must understand how you should use tags. And if you use good tags, then your video will show on top in the search result of youtube and your watch time will increase.

7.Video Length

If you think that after making a video for the maximum duration on youtube and then watch time will increase quickly, then maybe you are wrong. Because most people like to watch short time videos. Your video should not be too big nor too short. You should come to give complete information in a short time. If you upload a video for a long time, most people will not watch either at all and if you watch it, you will stop watching the video for some time.

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