How to increase organic reach on Facebook, this question often bothers people. People run a lot of paid ads for this, which costs them a lot of money. Many companies are also very worried about how to increase organic reach. Because people follow any brand only after seeing its reach and likes. If a page does not have access, then why would anyone follow it?

It is not always easy to reach your post to people. Many companies fail to reach even after spending a lot of money and some brands reach out to people without spending some money with some good techniques. Here we will talk about some of these techniques.

What is Organic Reach? (What is Organic Reach?)

You must have heard about organic reach, so first let’s clear what organic reach is. Reach is of two types – organic and paid.

Organic reach means that by posting something on your page, how you can reach your post to as many people as possible for free.

And Paid reach means that we can reach our post to how many people by running advertisements by investing money.

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Who can see your content? (Who can see your content?)

Now let’s talk about who sees your content. Your page likers or page followers see your content. But this is not completely true.

Actually, your previous posts have a similar reaction (page liker and followers), accordingly, Facebook sends your next posts to those users. This means that not all your posts reach your page likers and followers. This is the algorithm of Facebook.

How to measure organic reach? (How to measure organic reach?)

Before improving Organic Reach, you have to understand how to measure it, that is, how to measure. If you have a page on Facebook, you will see some options on the left side where you have to click on insights. After that, you click on reach. Now the reach of the page will be open in front of you.

Organic Reach On Facebook

Here you can see that Facebook shows us organic and paid reach differently. So that you can study paid and unpaid posts well. This will help you a lot. You can know how your post reached so many people without any cost. And you can study the content that people liked the most and which reached high. And you create similar content.

How to increase organic reach? (How to increase Organic Reach?)

1. Run Contests –

This is a good way to keep users interested in your content. You can run a contest. You can also give any reward in return. But the reward should be something that is related to your brand. So that your followers are interested in both you and your reward. Your contest should be such that people make maximum comments.

Many pages run such a contest in which we are asked to tag two or more friends. This increases your page engagement as well as page reach.

2. Go Live

Facebook Live is a very good feature to increase your reach. Whenever you go live on Facebook, your followers reach a push notification (unless they go off in settings and turn it off).

If users engage more with your live interaction, Facebook also shows your content more in the news feed of followers.

You can use Facebook Live in these ways-

  • Behind the scenes share |
  • Q&A session.
  • Broadcast your business event

3. Know when your audience is most active –

You have prepared your Facebook post and now you are ready to post it on your page. But you do not know when your audience is most active. If you posted your post on Facebook at such a time when your audience is not active, then the result will be that your post will be lost somewhere in the news feed.

Your every follower is different. With the help of the insights tab, you can know when your followers are most active.

Online audience on Facebook

When you know when your page audience is most active, then you should schedule your post according to the same time so that your post will get maximum reach at that time.

4. Include videos in your post –

Do you know that video content gets 59% more engagement than other types of posts? But you have to keep some factors in your mind.

You should try that your video is longer than 3 minutes. Facebook also gives you advice while uploading videos that if your video is longer than 3 minutes, then there are chances of reaching more and more people.

5. Facebook Groups –

All types of groups are found on Facebook. You can increase your organic reach for free by sharing your page post thereby joining related groups from your niche.

Apart from this, you can create your own group and link it with your page. You add more and more people there. And by sharing your post in that group, you can increase organic reach.

6. Share posts from your Facebook page on your Facebook profile 

Do you know that you can add up to 5000 friends on Facebook? These 5000 people can be very valuable for you. You can also increase organic reach by sharing your post on your Facebook profile i.e. your timeline. And ask your Facebook friends to share the posts as much as possible. This will greatly increase the reach of your post.


So in this post, you read what is organic reach, who sees your content, how can you measure your organic reach, and how to increase organic reach on Facebook.

In final words, I would just like to say that in addition to keeping everything in mind, you should also take care of content quality. If the quality of your content is low, then the above methods will also not increase your Facebook reach. So first you have to improve the quality of your content.

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Thank you.

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