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What is Domain Authority?

Domain Authority is also called DA in short. This is a type of score that ranges from 0 to 100. The higher the DA of your website, the higher your chances of ranking higher in the search engine.

This score which ranges from 0 to 100 gives the MOZ which is the largest community of SEO. Your domain score will show how much your website is likely to rank in the search engine. If the DA score of your site is very high, then the chances of ranking it will be equally high.

Suppose the DA score of a website is 50 and the DA score of another website is 60, then the ranking position of a site with a 60 domain score will be higher than the 50.

Suppose the DA score of a website is 50 and the DA score of another website is 60, then the ranking position of a site with a 60 domain score will be higher than the 50.

If you have just started blogging then it is absolutely not possible that your domain score will be 50+ now. Because it takes time. You have to pay great attention to the SEO of your posts, then your domain score will increase.

Now you must have known what is DA ie domain score. So now let’s talk about how to increase the domain score.

How to increase Domain Authority (DA)

Increasing Domain Authority (DA) is not a child’s play. For this, you have to prepare a very good strategy and work well on it. At the same time, you also have to be patient because DA takes time to increase. If you do not know how to increase domain score or domain authority, then read this post till the end.

Let us know the ways by which you can increase the domain authority of your site-

1. Content Quality –

The most main point with which you can increase your DA well is quality content. The better the quality of your content, the higher your chances of increasing your domain authority will be. So you should first pay attention to the quality of your content and write good content.

2. Internal Link Structure –

Many bloggers forget about internal links and only think about external links. They forget that the more important the external link is, the more internal link is. Do not make such a mistake. You should also pay attention to your internal link structure.

When you are writing a post, then also give links to related posts in your current post. This will mean that the reader who is in your post will also read other posts through internal links. With this, it will stop more and more on your site and your site’s bounce rate will also be lower.

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3. Promote Content –

As you will know that the more your content is shared, the more people it will reach. This will increase the ranking of your post.

You can put a social share button on your web page. Also, you can put the link to your post on different social media sites.

4. On-Page SEO –

On-Page SEO also helps us a lot in increasing domain authority. For this, you have to take care of some things while preparing your post. Some of the main factors of On-Page SEO are as follows-

(A)  Keyword –  Keeping your keyword in mind, you are writing your content. So you can give that keyword permalink, paragraph, post title, etc. Please write in If you focus more on long-tail keywords then it is very good because they rank on search engines in a short time and their competition is also very low.

(B) Permalink –Permalink means the URL of your post. Always use the main keyword in your permalink. Suppose the title of your post is- “What is Digital Marketing?” So your permalink should be something like this- https://example.com/what-is-digital-marketing/

(C) Heading Tags – Heading Tag means to use H1, H2, H3 well in your post.

(D)  Meta Description – The meta description of your post should be such that after reading it the user will be forced to read it. Also, there should not be any wrong information in your meta description. Apart from this, you must use the main keywords in the meta description.

(E) Keyword Density –

This means that do not use the keyword you are writing after keeping your post in mind. The density of your keyword should be between 1 and 3%. Suppose the total words of your post are 100 and you have used your main keyword 5 times in these 100 words, then the keyword density of your post is 5%.

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5. High-Quality Backlinks –

You should always focus on high-quality backlinks and not on low-quality backlinks.

Suppose your site has a DA of 60 and you are taking a backlink from a site that has a DA of 40, so it will not benefit you as much as you will get a backlink from sites with DA above 60.

Also, you have to keep in mind that you take backlinks from those sites whose niche matches your niche.

And you should never purchase backlinks because it can harm your site.

6. Domain Age –

Domain age means how old your site is. If your site is 1-2 years old and you write regular posts then your chances of increasing DA score are equally high. And these posts should be quality posts.

But this does not mean that new websites will take 1-2 years to increase their DA score.


So, these were some tips to increase domain authority. In this post, you read what is called DA (Domain Authority) and how to increase it.

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