Today we will learn how to create a Facebook business page and learn some tips from which you can easily get your initial 1000 likes.

In the previous post, you read how Facebook marketing is done and what are its benefits. Today we will know how you can create a Facebook business page to do Facebook marketing, so let’s know about it-

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Create a Facebook Business Page(Step by step)

If you want to create your page on Facebook, then you have to create one of your Facebook id for which you can go to this link – facebook.com

Now we tell you to step by step how you can create your Facebook business page

Step 1

Go to www.facebook.com/pages/create 

Step 2

Fill in page information such as page name, category, and description.

page information of facebook page

Page Name- Put the name of your business or brand in it.

Category-Select the categories that describe your business or brand well.

Description-Put your business or brand information in it, such as what your business does or what services it provides.

After this, you click on the create page.

Step 3

After this, enter the profile image and cover image for your Facebook business page.

images for facebook page

Step 4

Now enter the username of your page.

username for your facebook page

Let me tell you that every Facebook page has a unique username, that is, the username of any two pages cannot be the same.

Step 5

Now click on edit page information (which is at the bottom left side) and fill in all the information of your business such as Contact, Location, Service Area, Hours, etc.

Page information

Step 6

You can also change the template of your Facebook business page. For this, you have to go to the last option settings on the left side and then click on templates and tabs. After that, you can edit the template.

Step 7

You can also manage the page roles of your Facebook business page.

For this, you have to go to your page settings and there you will see the option of page roles, click on it and select the page roles.

page roles

So with this, your Facebook business page has been created. However, there are a lot of features left that will be easily understood while running the page.

How to get your first 1000 likes on Facebook

Now you have created your Facebook Business Page, but now you should see more and more people what you post. By the way, you can increase the reach of your post through paid marketing, but if your followers will be many or there will be likes on your page, then the reach of your posts will increase like this.

So let us know what you can do to get 1000 likes on your Facebook business page.

1. The first way to get likes on your Facebook page is to invite your friends. A Facebook user has an average of 400 friends. All you have to do is go to your page and click on “Invite Friends” and invite all your friends.

invite friends

2. Another way to increase likes on the Facebook page is by joining related groups from your niche and giving a link to the page there. There are many groups on Facebook where you can easily increase page likes by promoting your page.

3. You can also increase the likes on your page by applying the widget of “Like us on Facebook” to the website of your business or brand. This widget will be that when anyone clicks on the “Like Us On” Facebook widget on your website, it will come directly to your Facebook business page.

4. Prepare your post on trending topics. This will mean that visitors to your posts will increase and the chances of increasing likes on your page are also more.

5. One way to increase likes on Facebook Page is to assume that if someone has liked your post but has not liked your page, then Facebook gives the feature to invite that person as well. Which will increase your page likes.

6. You can also comment through your page by going to another famous page related to your niche, which is called “Comment as your page”. So when anyone sees your comment, they can directly click on your profile and come to your page.

7. You can also increase the page likes by posting the link to your page on your other social media platforms.

So in this post, you learned how to create a Facebook business page. And what methods can you adopt to increase likes on them?

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Thank you.

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