Today I will tell you in simple terms how you can translate your WordPress post into many languages. If traffic is coming from many different countries on your website, then this plugin will convert your post into the language of that country.

This plugin works just like Google Translate. Just like you use google translate to change a sentence or word, it will change the content of your site in another language. So all you have to do is to go to your WordPress dashboard and after going there, go to the plugin and click on add new and type in Google Language Translator, then you will see some plugin as shown in the photo below.

google translate plugin

Now after installing this plugin you have to activate it and make some settings that are quite easy. First of all, you have to choose the languages ​​for your site in which languages ​​you want to translate your posts.

google translate plugin settings

Once the language is selected, the remaining settings have to be done according to your convenience such as what to keep the color of the translation widget, what position to keep, etc. I show you an example of our site, how it will look after all the settings.

google translate plugin

So you saw how easily we can translate our posts into different languages. Tell me how you liked our post in the comment and if you want to know about digital marketing then read here – What is Digital Marketing?

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