If you are a blogger then you must know how much SEO contributes to rank any content. Every blogger should also know about the updates of the Google algorithm. Google keeps on changing its algorithms after some time, so you need to be aware of it.

In this post, we will know what is Google algorithm and what are the most important Google algorithms. So, let’s first know what Google algorithm is –

What is Google Algorithm?

If understand it in simple language, then Google algorithm is a process that decides which content will rank on Google’s result page and which content will not.

Google has many ranking factors based on which it ranks any content. Google never reveals these ranking factors and keeps on changing them from time to time. The change is made so that no one can rank their content in an unethical way.

There are many algorithms of Google, about which we will know further-

Google Panda Algorithm

Google Panda Algorithm

Google Panda was released in February 2011.

This algorithm pays attention to the content of your site. This prevents websites with poor quality content from being ranked.

What Google Panda doesn’t like

Poor User Experience Many things are included in poor user experience such as the loading speed of your website is slow, your content is boring, the content you have is not relevant to the user’s query, etc.

So, we should pay special attention to our website and our content so that the user experience is good and he keeps visiting your website again and again.

Duplicate Content – If you copy the content of any other article and publish it in your post, then it is called duplicate content.

So, we should never publish the content of any other website on our website and should always write original content only.

Thin Content – If any of your content is written in very few words or does not provide value to any user, it is called thin content.

So, we should delete the pages with thin content and always write more words that provide value to the user.

Keyword Stuffing – Ever since people have come to know that keywords are very useful in ranking any content, they have now started doing wrong keyword stuffing.

So, we should take care of the keyword density, where and how many times to use the keyword in a post.

Google Penguin Algorithm

google penguin algorithm

Google Penguin was launched on April 24, 2012.

It has two main functions – first to see how the quality of backlinks is. If you have unrelated backlinks or low-quality backlinks on your site, then it can lead to a downranking of your site.

So, you can use tools like ahrefs to keep the quality of backlinks good. You will get all the information there that what kind of backlink you have received from which site. You can remove low-quality backlinks.

The second main task that the google penguin algorithm does is to look for keyword stuffing on a website.

Keyword stuffing means that you are using a keyword repeatedly in your post. It comes under black-hat SEO. We should take care of keyword density and never do keyword stuffing. With this, your post can rank for some time, but your rank will be down after some time.

Google Hummingbird Algorithm

google hummingbird algorithm

This Google algorithm was launched on August 20, 2013.

It is a real-time algorithm and works on the intent of the user. When a user writes his query on Google, then this algorithm understands his query and shows the best results to that user.

Along with this, it also focuses on conversational search. Conversational search means that when we type a keyword on Google, Google shows us suggestions. It also focuses on local searches and voice searches (generally long-tail keywords).

Its impact is best on those sites which give the best answer to the user’s query. Therefore, you should always focus on creating quality content.

Google Pigeon Algorithm

google pigeon algorithm

This Google algorithm was launched on July 24, 2014. This Google algorithm is best for local businesses.

If someone is searching for something like “hotels near me” then this algorithm works. Google Pigeon refine the listings of GMB (Google My Business). It will make sure that it shows you the nearest places first.

Google RankBrain Algorithm

This Google algorithm was launched in 2015. It is Google’s one of the most important algorithms.

Google RankBrain is a machine learning algorithm. It helps Google to understand the search queries that have never been done before. It helps Google to understand the intent of those unique search queries.

Google BERT

Bert was launched in October 2019. The full form of BERT is Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers.

Earlier it was launched only in America, that too only in English language and only for 10% of search queries. But today it is available for almost every country. Along with this, it is available in 6 languages ​​which are Spanish, Portuguese, Hindi, Arabic, German, Amharic.

If we talk about the work of Google Bert, then its job is to understand the context of the search queries being done on Google.
If you want to know what changes you should make to your website for Google BERT, then the answer is “Nothing”. All you have to do is write quality content.


So in this article, we have learned about important Google algorithms. No doubt there are many other algorithms but these were some important.

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