It must have happened many times with you that keeping the goal in mind, you run Facebook ads, it does not give you the results that you have thought. You run an ad for a lead generation and you do not get any conversion. And in the end, you would have wasted all your money on Facebook ads.

Everybody can create Facebook ads, but to get good results, you have to take care of many things. In today’s article, I will tell you about some Facebook ad mistakes that you should avoid. If you avoid these Facebook ads mistakes, you will get very good results. So let’s know-

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5 Facebook Ad Mistakes to Avoid

It seems easy to run a Facebook ad, but there are some mistakes that we inadvertently do while creating a Facebook ad or after creating an ad. So let me tell you about some common Facebook ad mistakes which you should always avoid.

1. Running Ad Campaigns with a “Set it and Forget it” Mindset

Many Facebook advertisers forget once they run a Facebook ad. This is a really big mistake. Once they run a Facebook ad, they come to that ad only to stop and when they do not get the desired results from that campaign, then they think that Facebook ad is useless.

Actually, when we create a Facebook ad, then even after that we should keep watching from time to time whether it needs some improvement or not. Many times it happens that even after running the ad, some changes are needed in it and after the changes, that ad gives us the best results.

2. Editing Your Ads too Often

As read in the above mistake, the advertiser never makes changes. But sometimes it happens that advertiser makes changes very quickly. Sometimes we should let the ad run for some time and after that, we should see if it requires changes.

It is not prudent to make changes in the ads after 1 or 2 days of running them, but we should run that ad without making changes for a few days and then see making changes in it. So it made us understand that we do not have to make changes too soon and also should not do that there is a need for changes and still do not make changes.

3. Over-reliance on Automatic Placement for Facebook Ads

When you are creating a Facebook ad, you have two choices: Automatic Placements and Manually. If you do not choose any of this, then it is automatically set on automatic placements. Your Facebook ad will run everywhere as possible on Facebook, Instagram, audience network, and messenger in automatic placements.

But in manual placements, you can decide which places you want to run your ad. Suppose you have to run your ad only on Instagram and not in other places, you should go to manual placements and just tick the Instagram untick everyone else.

4. Not Excluding the Converted Audience

You have run an ad campaign whose purpose was to generate leads and convert a lot of people, this is a very good thing. But many advertisers make mistakes in the next lead generation campaign. They do not exclude the audience who are already converted in the next lead generation ad campaign. What is the benefit of having an ad show to an Already convert audience?

Instead, we should focus on the new audience which has not been converted yet and the converted audience should be excluded.

5. No A/B testing

A / B testing means that you run two ads to find out which ad is performing well. When we create a Facebook ad, we can just get an idea of whether this ad will perform well or not. It goes on in our mind that if I could run ad on two types of audiences at the same time. So the solution for this is A / B testing.

In this, you can find out which version will perform better between the two same things. Like, call to action against the call to action, image against image, etc. You should do A/B testing.

Final Thoughts

So in this article, we learned about the 5 Facebook ad mistakes that we should avoid. Apart from this, you must pay attention to every element of the Facebook ad while creating it.

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