Do you also want to learn Digital Marketing? Do you also want to know how you can market your products using Digital Marketing? So, to know this, read this article completely.

In today’s time, the Internet has completely changed our life. As of October 2020, there were 4.66 billion users of the internet in the whole world. Now you can guess how much we can do through the internet.

In 2020, when the lockdown occurred due to Corona, many people lost their jobs and many businesses stopped. But if we look at the figures, due to Corona, there has been a lot of increase in online businesses which is still growing very fast. Many online businesses have started and a lot of possibilities have come out in the Digital Marketing field to market the products of these businesses.

But the Digital Marketing of any product is not as simple as it seems. For this, you must take care of many things, otherwise, you will not be able to market any product properly.

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This article is for those who want to make a career in Digital Marketing or want to know about Digital Marketing. Overall, this article is for the beginners of Digital Marketing.

The things you will read about in this article are as follows:

  • The fundamentals of marketing
  • Digital Marketing vs. Traditional marketing.
  • CATT Marketing Funnel
  • Integrated Digital Marketing
  • Personal Branding: MassTrust Blueprint

The Fundamentals Of Marketing

First, we will talk about what is marketing? Marketing means delivering your products to the customer. When you promote your product and reach the right customers, it is called marketing.

The Chartered Institute of Marketing defines marketing as “the management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably”.

So now we can say that marketing means that you send the right product to the right person at the right time.

Digital Marketing vs. Traditional marketing

Let us first talk about what is traditional marketing? Traditional marketing is an old way of promoting any product. The advertisements you see or hear on TV, radio, banners, newspapers etc. are all examples of traditional marketing. Before the arrival of the internet, products were promoted through all these mediums. But it also had many drawbacks, such as the advertiser could not run his ad to any targeted audience or targeted place. But digital marketing changed everything.

When the internet was invented, the online promotion of products started. Now advertisers can promote their product to any limited area or limited people. Social media marketing started with the invention of social media sites. Now you can also promote your products by running ads on social media sites. You can promote your products through email marketing, content marketing and many more ways. And the best thing is that marketing any product with digital marketing is much cheaper than marketing with traditional marketing.

CATT Marketing Funnel

Before talking about this, let us talk about what is a marketing funnel? Marketing funnel means how the journey of one of your customers was with you. How he learned about your business and how he finally bought your product.

Now let’s talk about what is CATT Marketing Funnel? CATT Marketing Funnel has a formula which is as follows-

Wealth = n ^ CATT


[n] Niche = Whatever success you have is decided by your niche. And from the niche itself your wealth decides.

[C] Content = You should always make useful content. You can create useful content through blog posts, webinars etc.

[A] Attention = Here attention means traffic that you can get through SEO, social media, paid ads etc.

[T] Trust = You have to develop trust in your audience which you can do through trip wires, retargeting and marketing automation.

[T] Transaction = You must convert your leads into customers. These should be natural leads, ie they should be the ones who wish to buy your product.

Integrated Digital Marketing

In today’s time, there are many modules of digitally marketing available. Examples are SEO, social media, content marketing, email marketing, paid ads etc.

All these Modules are so good in themselves that you can take your business very far by using them separately. It is very difficult for a human to understand all these modules. Every marketer tries to become an expert in only one of these modules.

But if you learn to use them all together, your business will reach a great height like a rocket. The name of the art of using all these modules well together is integrated digital marketing.

Personal Branding

Have you heard the name of Elon Musk? Do you know that Tesla company belongs to him? Earlier he used to own PayPal too. His personality is so powerful that even if his company is ruined today, he will be recognized because of his personality.

Suppose there are two men. One who only pays attention to his company and one who pays attention to his personal brand along with the company. Now if the business of both of them fails then the first man will be completely ruined because he only focused on his company and did not develop his personality. But the other man who paid attention to his personal branding will lose nothing because he can easily build another company because of his powerful personality.

Niche selection

Do you also want to start your own blog but you do not understand in which niche you should start blogging? For niche selection, you have to keep some things in mind, which are as follows-

  1. Think about your interests: – First of all, think about your interests and your hobbies because you blogging only on the niche on which you never lack content while blogging. If you start blogging on a niche about which you are not interested or about which you do not know much, then after a time you will have a shortage of content.
  1. Look into past & current trends: – It is also important to keep in mind the past and current trends of the niche you want to select. You have to see how many searches have been done on your niche in the past and how many searches are currently being done on your niche? If no one is searching on topics related to your niche, then there is no use in creating content.
  2. Analyze the competition: – You should also see the competition of your chosen niche. If the competition is very high in your chosen niche, then you will have some difficulty in ranking your post.
  1. Pick a smaller niche: – You should choose a smaller niche. Competition is very high on a large niche while competition is not high on a small niche.


I hope this article has proved useful to you. You must have learned a lot from this. In this, you learned a lot about digital marketing. In the end, I would just say that digital marketing is not just a book or online course learning thing, but for this, you have to do it practically.

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